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At my window… A XXIst century vision of landscape art – Gallery LKFF

30 January – 12 March 2022

At My Window

The famous Flemish author Herman Van Teirlinck enjoyed sitting at his window in Beersel and describe the Pajottenland. This was over 50 years ago. Today, LKFF invited 10 artists to express the landscapes they saw or imagined through their own windows. Drawings on paper, oil on canvas, wood sculpture, blown glass, digital art, photography, steel sculpture, bronze and wrought iron are among the many mediums used in this very unique exhibition. Featured artists: Jeroen BEIRENS (BE), Vins BLAKE (UK), Maarten CEULEMANS (BE), Alessandro FILIPPINI (IT), HyunJoung LEE (KR), Søren MARTINSEN (DK), Xavier LE NORMAND (FR), Arnaud RIVIEREN (BE), Henk VAN RENSBERGEN (BE) & Velasco VITALI (IT).