June 2017 – No Man’s Land – Henk van Rensbergen

Introduction from the wise Desmond Morris,
Epilogue from the poetic Peter Verhelst !

No Man's Land

What if animals were the only survivors? This new photographic series by Henk van Rensbergen is uncanny and spellbinding as it pictures a post-apocalyptic world. The captivating beauty of the desolation conveyed by his Abandoned Places books persists in these images, but gains an added dimension with the depiction of animals in search of their place in a world once dominated by human beings.

192 pages – Hardback – size 25 x 31 cm (9.8×12.2 inches) – Separate Dutch and English version – € 45
For sale here at this website, drop me a note to order
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One second after midnight, somewhere, sometime in the 21st Century, mankind became extinct …

Discover my new project inside the Snoecks 2017 … (and not on the cover)

550 pages of pleasure for only 20€ :) :)

550 pages of pleasure for only 20€ 🙂

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Published in 2016 as a spin off of the bigger coffee table book (2014).

Already a best seller because of its price of €16.
160 pages, hardcover, size roughly A5

Contact me to purchase your signed copy.

Published in 2016, a best-of in pocket size format!

Published in 2016,
a best-of in pocket size format!

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ABANDONED PLACES -the Photographer's Selection - HENK VAN RENSBERGEN

ABANDONED PLACES -the Photographer’s Selection – HENK VAN RENSBERGEN

Published June 2014

From an abandoned Six Flags park in New Orleans to a disused hydroelectric power station in the jungle north of Fukushima, Henk van Rensbergen takes stunning photographs of abandoned buildings all over the world.

Wall Street Journal: “Haunting photographs”

Hard cover, 224 pages, 25 x 30 cm landscape.
45 euro.

Sold out, affordable copies may still be around.
ISBN 978 94 014 1807 2 – Lannoo 2014

Preview on youtube

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September 2012 :
Publication of “abandoned places 3” by Lannoo.
Sold out.

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September 2010 :
Publication of “abandoned places 2” by Lannoo.
First and second edition sold out.
A digital i-Version is available on iTunes.

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April 2007 :
Publication of “abandoned places” by Lannoo.
First and second edition sold out.
Digital book available on iTunes.

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– Réponses Photo with an article on “No Man’s Land”
Чем сильнее заброшен какой-нибудь объект, тем больше вероятность, что бельгийский фотограф Хенк Ван Ренсберген там побывал.
– Swiss newspaper “Le Temps” : Photographies de lieux interdits ©2011 Caroline Stevan
– Article in photomagazine “Shoot” by Erik Derycke (subject to copyright 2010) : shoot 2010
– Interview in “Flanders Today” by Monique Philips (subject to copyright 2008) : flanders today – abandoned places
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