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Abandoned Places – Abkhazia

Updated version of the 2016 bestseller. Includes new photographs and stories of, amongst others, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland,Belgium … and never before published photos of Abkhazia.

Hardback, 160 pages, size 210×140 mm (8.3 x 5.5 inches), texts in English.
EAN:  9789401461511 Publisher:  Lannoo
Price: € 17

No Man’s Land

Superbly printed collection of photographs showing a world where mankind has gone extinct…
Introduction from the wise Desmond Morris,
Epilogue from the poetic Peter Verhelst.

This book is being published worldwide in separate English, Dutch and German language editions.
Hardback, 192 pages, size 250×310 mm (10×12 inches)
EAN: 9781740591386
Price: € 45

Abandoned Places

A very nicely printed, small, affordable and very popular edition of the “photographer’s selection”.
Hardback, 160 pages, size 210×140 mm (8.3 x 5.5 inches), texts in English.
EAN: 9789401434775
Price: € 16

The Photographer’s Selection

Large and luxurious coffee table book.
A “best of” of all the abandoned places photos from the beginning of times until 2014.
Hardback, 224 pages, size 300×260 mm (11.8×10 inches), texts in English.
EAN: 9789401418072
Price: € 45

Abandoned Places – 3

September 2012 :
Publication of “abandoned places 3″ by Lannoo.
Sold Out.

Abandoned Places – 2

2010, Lannoo, 192 pages, hardcover. 3 editions, sold out. Available as e-book.

Abandoned Places

This is how it all began.

The title of my very first book is simply “abandoned places” … never thought there would be a number 2, 3, …

Lannoo 2007. 143 pages, hardcover. First and second edition sold out. Available as e-book.